Welcome to Jugendakademie Walberberg!

Independant centre
for informal, extracurricular education

Jugendakademie Walberberg is an independent centre for informal, extracurricular education in the archdiocese of Cologne. The Christian image of humanity shapes our engagement for young people with less abilities, our understanding of hospitality, and our concept of education.

The supporting organisation of Jugendakademie Walberberg is an independent association. It consists of 60 individuals as well as a Representatives of Catholic youth federations. The association employs more than 30 staff members.

In Jugendakademie approximately 20 free lance trainers run the seminars. At the Jugendakademie, all youth and young adults interested in interaction and meeting are welcome. Our educational work is a contribution to youth identity formation. This refers to social, political, religious, intercultural and gender aspects of human living together.

Hospitable guest house with broad offer

We are a place for education – as an organiser of our own educational seminars and as a guest house for groups: well accessible via public transport from Cologne and Bonn, yet, in the middle of nature’s Kottenforst.

We are a hospitable house with a broad offer:

  • Full board
  • Single and shared rooms [in total 90 beds]
  • Seminar rooms of various sizes
  • Various free time offers
  • Media offers

We are happy to meet your needs concerning a vegetarian diet, barbecue or course materials and offer you a friendly service and an open atmosphere.

Advanced trainings and symposia

We also regularly organise advanced training for extracurricular youth education consultants. We arrange training for instructors in the field of the rope course and wall climbing and organise advanced training in the field of experiential education. Our symposia focus on the latest pedagogic, religious and socio-political themes. They are aimed at promoters of youth work, teachers and interested parties

Seminars for school classes

Children and youth studying in secondary and high school as well as trainees are here.
In our seminars for pupils, young people learn much about themselves and about their schoolmates: What impression do I make on other people? How can we resolve a conflict? And: What makes a good life?

We provide the youth with free space, so that they can speak about themes important for them: love and friendship, belief and religion, war and violence, unemployment, career and life plans, managing diversity within their group. National and international youth from different types of schools and groups meet in our house. That is what is important to us.

Youth look for and need guidelines on the market of world views. They can speak about that to each other here – regardless of the variety of their background, culture and religion. A respectful approach to each other can be learned and tested. We would like to encourage friendly living together for people with various religious communities in the immigrant society in Germany.


International workshops with young people with less abilities

Bi- and multilateral youth seminars

Our international bi- and multilateral youth seminars are held with the target group „young people with less abilities“. We offer the teenagers the possibility of participating in international seminars in order to collect positive experiences in a diverse community and to develop their own visions of the future in a mixed international group.

In the sessions, the main focus is not only on debating about interesting themes but also on sightseeing and cultural experience. Sport activities are deployed alongside creative methods. Our goal is to eliminate fear of new challenges and of „the unknown or the other“. In the past years, many participants of multilateral seminars took part in bilateral youth exchanges and prepared themselves for a bigger workshop, sometimes abroad. Recent key themes for participants have been: job and future perspective within the EU, discrimination in a united Europe, living in an intercultural society, homeland – Europe, right-wing extremism and violence, the European voluntary Service as a chance to learn within Europe.

Our partners are organisations for youth social work and youth help, secondary schools, neighbourhood centres and centres for vocational training in Germany, Ireland, Poland, France, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Hungary – with some of them we have been working for many years, some relationships are just being developed. We perceive ourselves as being a continuously growing network.

Bilateral meetings are always held in Germany and shortly afterward in a guest country. Multilateral workshops are prepared together with all partner organisations and take place every year in another partner country.

Next seminars are

27/03/2016 – 03/04/2016 in Kattowice (Poland)
Bilateral theatre project about discrimination and predudice

19/04/2016 – 28/04/2016 in Tuzla (Bosnia)
Bilateral project “Who decides about democracy?” -a seminar about political participation and democracy

09/07/2016 – 19/07/2016 in Jugendakademie Walberberg
Multilateral summercamp

25/07/2016 – 07/08/2016 in Kos. Dubica, (Bosnia)
Ewoca 3 – three nations, three years, three countries – a workcamp on the issue of sustainability and environmental protection (between Germany, Hungary and Bosnia)

23/09/2016 – 02/10/2016 in Jugendakademie Walberberg
Bilateral exchange between two schools for children with special needs (German and Polish) on the issue “Finding your own talents”

14/10/2016 – 22/10/2016 in Jugendakademie Walberberg
Bilateral theatre project between Germany and Hungary on the issue of migration

Participation in international seminars can open to the youth an opportunity to experience a European Voluntary Service in one of our partner organisations.

„The world is open to everybody?!“

Voluntary service for youth without higher education

Youth without higher education mostly do not have an easy access to the market of voluntary services abroad. Frequently the project already fails in the individual research for information. The main idea of the European Voluntary Service, though, is to give young people with less abilities and young people at risk a chance to work voluntarily abroad without any charge for the volunteer.

We offer, in particular, a chance for this target group to work on a social, ecological or cultural project abroad and to live there within our network of partner organisations in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland and Bosnia.

We organise, accompany and support the young people before, during and after the stay. We co-operate with long-term national and international partners, who have our highest confidence for this work and whom we have been working with in the field of national and international seminars for a long time. Our network is open for new partner organisations working with young people with fewer opportunities!

EVS Places in Germany

We also offer EVS – places in Germany – especially in the region Bonn and Cologne – and support the young people from our partner organisations and the German projects to realize a European Voluntary Service.

Training sessions for European volunteers

We are one of seven supporting educational organisations in Germany offering, on behalf of the German National Agency, accompanying educational seminars for European volunteers.

For German youth, we offer pre-departure seminars for young people with less abilities and run the comeback (the follow-up event) alongside with the German National agency. European youth obtain with us on-arrival training sessions and a mid-term-meeting after the first half of their European voluntary Service in Germany.

During the seminars, the volunteers deal, e.g., with diversity management, with their own projects, with conflict resolution and with themes related to German and European politics. So that Europe obtains a face for the youth.

Seminars in 2016

10/02/2016 – 14/02/2016: mid – term – meeting

29/02/2016 – 04/03/2016: mid – term – meeting

07/03/2016 – 13/03/2016: on – arrival – training

13/06/2016 – 17/06/2016: mid – term – meeting

19/09/2016 – 25/09/2016: on – arrival – training

21/10/2016 – 23/10/2016: comeback 2016 in Aachen

24/10/2016 – 30/10/2016: on – arrival – training

21/11/2016 – 25/11/2016: mid – term – meeting

Rope course and Climbing wall: Didactic adventure between Heaven and Earth

Important capabilities such as the ability to work in a team, self-reliant action, and the ability to deal with conflict can be well supported with an offer of the rope course. To climb to a dizzying height, to survive troubles together with others, to prove one’s courage and to break limits: Active learning in the rope course and on the climbing wall attracts the young as well as adults. Anybody can contribute to problem solution.
Qualified instructors take care of the program, which is tailored to the target group.
We educate instructors according to the ERCA-Standard (Europe Ropes Course Association).

How to get to the Jugendakademie

Our addresse

53332 Bornheim-Walberberg
Phone: +49 2227/90902-0

Find us on Google Maps

By train

Weg von der Bahnstation zur Jugendakademie

  • from the south: to Bonn main station. Then take the subway line 18 (direction: Köln-Buchheim) till the stop “Walberberg”; from there it is about 20 minutes walk to the Jugendakademie (follow the signs).
  • from the north: to Cologne main station. Then take the subway line 18 (direction: Bonn Hbf – not Brühl!) till the stop “Schwadorf”; from there it is about 20 minutes walk to the Jugendakademie. The Jugendakademie is located near the forest at the upper end of the village, and is an extension of the “Schützenstraße“ – it is not identical with the Dominican abbey Walberberg.

By car

Kleiner Übersichtsplan

Walberberg is located about 5 km away from Brühl between Cologne and Bonn.

Take the motorway No. 555 exit in Godorf, then head direction Brühl. From there, take the motorway 553 in direction Koblenz and exit in Walberberg.

Then follow the signs to the Jugendakademie.


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